Protection Detail + Interior Valet + Engine Bay Detail

Stornoway Grey Range Rover Sport V8 Protection Detail

This Range Rover came to us through our Facebook page. The customer had not had the vehicle long and wanted a good base to work from with the view to possibly having the vehicle in for a correctional polish in the future.

So an AMDetails Protection Detail was the detail of choice for this vehicle with the interior valet and engine bay detail bolt ons.


  • Wheels cleaned with AMDetails acid free wheel cleaner & fine hair brushes
  • Wheels tar and iron deposits removed
  • Wheels faces polished with AM Glaze
  • Wheels sealed With AM Wheel Wax
  • Tyres dressed

Paint work

  • Lower area of vehicle given citrus wash to break down road grime
  • Door shuts and boot shuts cleaned with AMDetails APC and brushes
  • Rinse
  • Whole vehicle snow foamed with AM Foam to loosen and break down dirt deposits
  • All the finer details paid attention to with soft hair brushes & AMDetails APC
  • Rinse
  • 2 bucket method with AM Bubbles & AM Genuine Lamb’s Wool ‘T’ Mitt
  • Rinse
  • Tar and iron deposits removed
  • Rinse
  • All paint work and windows clayed to remove further contamination
  • Another application of AM Foam
  • Full vehicle rinse paying attention to panel gaps and trims
  • All surfaces dried with vehicle drier and AMDetails Fluffy Drying Towel
  • Paintwork cleansed and prepared for protection with AM Glaze via Dual Action Polisher
  • Protection applied to vehicle
  • Exterior trims dressed and protected
  • Chromes polished and protected


  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Windscreen treated with our water repellent formula


  • Exhaust tip polished
  • Final inspection carried out
  • Detailing spray wipe down in preparation for customer collection


6-8 Hours 1 day booking

Range Rover From £200


The wheels were cleaned with AM Wheels at a dilution of 10:1. Sprayed on then agitated with 1” detailing brushes and an AMDetails Megs Style Wheel Brush then rinsed with the pressure washer.
Arches were given the same treatment with the Vikan long reach brush and AMDetails APC.

Whilst I was cleaning the wheels the bugs and grime had being attacked by an APC wash applied through a pump action sprayer. This was then rinsed off and followed by AM Foam.

Working its magic.

As AM Foam was working away, I payed attention to all the areas the wash mitt would not reach with some coloured APC we are trialling and a 1” detailing brush.

Door Shuts and Jams. Also gave the step a good cleaning.

A Full rinse was then carried out.
Next up was the engine bay. Just a little dusty and grubby, again a simple APC, agitate and rinse.

Then it was time for the two bucket method. AM Bubbles and the AM ‘T’ Mitt.

Please excuse the horrific mobile phone picture. But it was raining heavy DSLR stayed inside!

Decontamination next, first was the Tar.

Then Iron.

Rinsed and clayed with AMDetails Soft Claybar.

We then givae the vehicle one last foam and rinse to make sure all chemicals and lubricants had been removed. Paying special attention to panel gaps and door shuts.

On to the interior so that the leather conditioner and carpet apc could dry in time. Moving the seats we found this little evidence of a sweet tooth!

Easily removed.
Plastics dressed, carpets hovered then given an apc scrub, leather cleaned and conditioned.

Then the wheels were sealed with AM Wheel Wax

Paint work was cleaned and conditioned with AM Glaze then given two coats of AM Seal.

Engine bay was dressed with 303 Aerospace and so were the plastics on the ‘Step’

We noticed some horrific staining on the step but luckily a simple clean with AMGlaze removed this. Then coated with AM Wheel Wax.

So that just leaves us with some afters.


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