Heavy Iron Contamination Removal - AM Iron to the Rescue

BMW 3 Series – AMDetails Protection Detail

BMW 3 Series AMDetails Protection Detail and Gtechniq G1

This BMW 3 Series came in to us on a referral. once inspected we found high amounts of ion contamination. A single day turn around on the BMW 3 Series was needed so we suggested the AMDetails Protection Detail. With additional interior valet ans Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass bolt ons..

The AMDetails Protection Detail will provide your vehicle with a silky smooth finish which is easy to maintain. This service is designed to give your vehicle’s exterior a major refresh by intensively cleaning, decontaminating, glazing and protecting all exterior surfaces providing you with an easy-to-maintain finish for anywhere between 4 and 6 months.

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BMW 3 Series

After the AMDetails Protection Detail the BMW 3 Series then also had:

• AMDetails Interior Valet
• Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass

Both as optional extras.

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AMDetails Wheelie Stool Video of the BMW 3 Series

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BMW 3 Series



Alan Medcraf

This 3 series had previously had a brake failure resulting in massive amounts of contamination down the drivers side. But our Decontamination process, which can be found in the video linked, soon tackled this after a few hits of AM Iron and a intensive Claybar session. Then the Glaze , Seal and Wax helped to restore some gloss and wetness to the BMW 3 Series Paintwork finish. A highly rewarding turn around this one.

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